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Grape - The pleasant grape flavor makes harsh herbs more mild.

Peaches & Cream - Taste like fresh peaches and cream. 

Strawberry & Kiwi -  Taste like a strawberry kiwi smoothie.

Watermelon - Whether you want to relive memories of family picnics around the park, or you just want to feel like a kid again, tastes like a fresh Juicy peice of Watermelon. 

Strawberry - Taste like you picked up a box of fresh strawberries, just in smokable form! N

Pineapple - The juicy pineapple taste helps to complement and tone down the bitterness of some herbs.

Mello Mango - Create some amazing smokes with these hemp rolling papers, and maybe give a few to some friends. With the Tripple dip flavour system, the mango flavour is very vibrant.  

Marshmallow - flavored like fluffy marshmallows.

Chocolate Chip Cookie - flavored like homemade chocolate chip cookie dough

Milk Chocolate -  An interesting milk chocolate flavor is added to each rolling paper using a proprietary Juicy Jay flavor system, leaving your smokes with a smooth taste.

Bubble Gum - Flavored like a new pack of sweet bubblegum will create a unique sensation combined with your hand picked filler

Cotton Candy - Experience the taste of cotton candy, without the stickiness of real cotton candy!

Black Magic -These menthol flavored hemp rolling papers have a delicious flavor that will make your mouth water. Created from pure rice paper and flavored with a proprietary Triple-Dip system, these menthol rolling papers are the real deal.

Blueberry - Flavored like fresh blueberries, these rolling papers can stand up to your best filler

Root beer - Flavored like delicious root beer and make your smokes taste great.


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